SIM only BYO Phone plans 

You want to know the secret to saving money on your mobile phone bill? There's no secret: just keep your phone for as long as you can and make sure you're on the right SIM Only phone plan. Here are some of Fettell Communications best BYO SIM Plans.


I've spoken with many l people recently we've managed to cut their phone bills from over $100 per month to somewhere under $40 - in some instances as low as $17. That's a lot of money when you consider that nothing changes for them. They make the same phone calls, send the same text messages and use the same apps, all while saving over $700 a year.


It also drives home how expensive phones are these days. If you can avoid buying the latest model for another year, you should consider it. And if you're coming out of a phone contract, or just looking for a bargain, here are some of the plans worth taking a look at right now.


Fettell Communications offer a FREE bill analysis service. Send a copy of your phone bill to and we'll do our best to put some money back in your pocket.