Rider Protect


Do you need an Airbag vest or jacket?

Airbag vests were originally designed and marketed towards equestrian riders but are becoming increasingly popular among motorcyclists. These can be used for a range of sports including jet skiing, snowboarding, or any other power sports.

Motorcycle airbag vests and jackets act as a body splint to keep the spine and neck immobile during a fall. This will significantly reduce the risk of spinal cord injury. 

If you are a safety conscious rider, or have kids or a partner who regularly rides, then airbag vests are a personal protection item that's worth considering. Whether you are riding a motorcycle, a horse, or any other power sports equipment, this always comes with its risks. Danger can come from a change in the local weather, wildlife crossings, or even other drivers. 

Your personal safety should always be paramount. You only need to come off the one time, to be glad you invested in either a full airbag jacket or vest. 

How does the MotoAir Airbag Jacket Work?

The MotoAir airbag inflation system is built into the jacket. When worn in conjunction with a helmet, this system reduces the chances of injuries to the neck, chest, spine, and oblique areas.

The jackets have an integrated airbag system with a small CO2 cartridge. This is triggered by a pull cord made of twisted steel wire. The system inflates within 0.18 seconds of being triggered. This protects the rider and reduces the chance of injury to the torso area.

Every vest from MotoAir comes pre-assembled with two anchoring cables, a deployment system, and a pre-installed CO2 cartridge.

Can the airbag go off accidentally?

If you forget to unhook the lanyard from the anchoring cable, you'll feel a tug as you start to dismount the bike or horse. The lanyard has some slack and will take around 25-35 pounds (lbs) of pull force before it deploys the airbag system. This should negate any unintended inflation of the airbag.

If the CO2 cartridge is deployed, these can easily be replaced and the jacket becomes reusable.