Before you connect:

You may need to consider a few things before making the switch to the nbn™ access network:

Some existing services may be affected

The rollout of the nbn™ access network involves new technologies which some existing devices may not be compatible with such as Medical alarms, autodiallers or emergency call buttons.


Contact your device provider to find out if your alarm or device will work when connected to the nbn™ access network, and what alternative solutions are available.


Make sure you also register your devices with nbn. Registering helps nbn identify premises where support may be needed to help minimise a break in service.


  • Medical alarm, autodiallers or emergency call buttons
  •  Monitored fire alarms
  •  Home or business security monitoring systems
  •  Lift emergency phones
  •  EFTPOS or health claim terminals
  •  Fax and teletypewriter devices

Other things to consider:

In some instances, switching may not be so straight forward. This includes new developments, granny flats, out-buildings and complex installations - particularly those that require trenching or additional cabling. New properties or properties under construction

 Renters and landlords

 Outbuildings and granny flats

Learn more about preparing to connect

Choose a provider and order a plan

You won’t be connected automatically, so contact your preferred phone or internet provider to discuss your requirements and select the most appropriate plan for your needs.

It’s a good idea to switch well before your disconnection date to allow time for your order to be processed, and installation if applicable.